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Recovering from sex addiction

Our sex addict recovery program was originally developed by Internationally recognized addiction expert Dr. Patrick J. Carnes. Modeled after the highly successful twelve step Sexaholics Anonymous program, we employ recovery groups, individual counseling, and couples counseling to break through the wall of denial and distortion, mend relationships, and being the healing process.

The first and most important step in recovery is to admit there is a problem. Marital, professional, and societal consequences may result, but this admission is necessary before any recovery can be attempted.

Sex addiction and other addictive disorders often exist with anxiety, depression, and rage. These disorders often begin early in life as a result of painful or traumatic childhood experiences. Developing mental tools to manage these emotions are an important part of the recovery process.

Thankfully, there is a large and robust structure both locally and nationally to provide support. Inpatient and outpatient treatment, professional associations, self-help groups, aftercare support groups, and a wealth of information and counseling resources are available for sexual addicts trying to regain control of their lives.

Life-skills training, bibliotherapy and psychoeducational groups are provided as well. Additionally, a full range of educational workshops and task-oriented therapies provide a framework that allows addicts to step away from their addiction and find a better way to channel their emotions.

Partners of sex addicts

The partners or spouses of sex addicts play a crucial role in the recovery process, and will benefit greatly from taking part in the counseling, support groups, and educational workshops we offer.

Many partners or spouses have become codependent, or have contorted their relationship to accommodate addictive behaviors. By taking an active role along with their partner, the recovery process is far more effective than if the addict seeks recovery on an individual basis. By joining together to combat addiction, the foundation of the relationship is strengthened, and a more lasting and fulfilling closeness can be achieved.

One important thing to remember is that sex addicts are not obligated to abstain from sex for life, as alcoholics must shun alcohol. Part of the recovery process involves leading the addict back toward healthy sexual patterns, rather than compulsive or harmful behaviors, that ultimately return a sincere intimacy to the relationship.

Can sex addiction be cured?

Like other types of addictions, some of those who suffer from sexual addiction may never be “cured” in a final sense. Sexual addicts certainly achieve a state of recovery, but maintaining that recovery can be a lifelong, day-by-day process. The Twelve Step treatment approach teaches addicts to take their recovery “one day at a time” – concentrating on the present, not the future.

This process, however, can be a worthwhile and fulfilling experience in and of itself. By taking part in group therapies, couples can help guide other addicts to recovery, enhance their self-esteem, and craft a stronger relationship with each other. Recovery is a road, not a destination, and the journey itself is rewarding in many different ways.

Sex addiction is highly treatable, and for those who earnestly seek to overcome addiction, the prospects for recovery are excellent. It will take time, but the rewards are well worth the effort. For more information about our program, please contact us today! [link to contact page]