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M.D. 28 y.o. female – seduction, promiscuous with men, cheated on husband, online chats

Working with Mike has been nothing short of life changing.With his gifted wisdom and compassionate insight, he stood in the gap between my addict and my real self, bringing me across the bridge to the other side. He not only reparented me in many ways but fought for recovery along side me.

He has helped me conquer demons I never thought possible and to find the courage to lead a life of sobriety and recovery. Mike

D.K. 35 y.o. female, one night stands, prowling, and being seductive

“Mike, I am so thankful for your help, there are no words to describe. For the first time in my life I see light and hope in my future. I know I’ve done the hard work, as you always say, but I wouldn’t know how to heal if not for your methods. I think you are a genius. I never feel judged when I talk about things that shame me. I leave your office feeling that things will only get better.”D.K

J.A. 45 y.o male, online porn, mags, in-room movies, and masturbation

For close to two years I have been seeking help with my sexual addiction from Therapist Mike Klemin. His counsel has been of tremendous importance to me in the early stages of my recovery. The caring and empathy that Mike has for his patients comes through in everything he does. In a small group setting, he has the ability to draw everyone into the process, facilitating the kind of open, honest communication that is so crucial for true healing. The environment and support staff at the Downey Park Professional Center are also warm and comforting. I feel blessed to be in recovery from my addiction and Mike has played a central role in that process.J.A.Male

S.W. male in his 40’s, pornography and masturbation

For more than a year I have been partaking in Dr. Carnes’ sexual addiction recovery program. Counselor, Mike Klemin, heads the program which includes four other persons suffering from the same addiction. Since the first meeting I have developed an understanding of my addiction and its impact it has on me and those close to me. Each gathering of the group has given me tools that I can take with me at the end of each meeting and use toward my recovery. Mike has seen me through 9 months of sobriety at this time. That is the longest I have ever gone free of acting out or doing something that runs against society’s mores. I’m talking since the age of 12. As the program and Mike have told me, I’m always within reach of relapsing. It is good to know if that happens that Mike is available to assist in getting me back on the path of sobriety. Though it is not good to look back at the past, I whole heartedly wish Mike were there in the years I first was ‘found out’ and was adamant that I did not have an addiction. His knowledge and understanding would have more than likely corrected my misguided thinking.

K.J. male, early 40′s, prostitutes, porn, and masturbation

Several years ago I met with Mike for the very first time to address issues that were destroying my life. At that time he told me something I wasn’t ready to hear – that it was time to change. After several years of continued self destructive behavior, I came back to Mike after reaching my breaking point. He asked me quite directly, “Are you ready to change your life and stop the craziness?”. My answer was a resounding yes. Since that date I have seen Mike on a regular basis through one on one and group therapy sessions. I have to say that he has been instrumental in helping me in identifying my issues, finding the underlying causes and giving me the tools to address them. One of the things that I appreciate about Mike is his ability to affect change in me without pushing or prodding, but instead by working with me to identify the problem, find the solution, and then expecting ME to take recovery action to become healthy in that specific area. This has been a major benefit of the one on one therapy sessions that I have been involved in. The other therapy, equally valuable to me, has been the group therapy that Mike facilitates. It provides an opportunity for individuals with similar life affecting issues to work together to resolve the internal conflict. The openess, guidance, and encouraged voluntary involvement has been essential in my recovery. To meet with others and see the similarities in the problems that we all face, exchange life experiences that have resulted in both failing thought processes and successful recovery techniques is priceless. All in all I can say that the benefit of Mikes talent in working with individuals and groups has been essential in guiding my recovery. I only wish I had been ready to change my life 4 years ago before my actions hurt those around me. If I have to leave you with one testimonial comment it would be, “Don’t procrastinate, takes steps for recovery in your life to find health and believe that Mike can facilitate that!”. God Bless!