The principal & founder of Bizzarros is Frank Bizzarro. Frank has been a professional auctioneer since the early 80’s. Frank trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and spent years performing stand-up comedy at the “Improv”, and “Catch a Rising Star”.

Frank’s background in entertainment, combined with his skills as an auctioneer, create a most impressive fundraiser!!! Too often, the live auction portion of a fund raising event canbe an unwelcome “interruption” in the gala festivities. Frank Bizzarro will entertain your guests and make your live auction engaging and fun! Bizzarro’s has been working Gala Events for over 25 years in the Bay Area and has performed at more than 1000 auctions.

We bring a wealth of experience and resources to your Gala Event. This is not only our business, it is our passion!.